Quality and Warranty


Dender Remodeling & Construction does much more than just building something and collect the check. Quality work is extremely important to us, our crews, and subs. Careful attention to detail, doing the work correctly and to a higher standard than most others allows Dender Remodeling & Construction to guarantee their work with a 5 year warranty, for no segregated fee. High quality work, and a high quality experience also lead to our clients referring their friends and associates to the Denders. Ninety-three percent of our work comes from referrals and repeat business. We place a very high value on a pleased client and we act accordingly. Visit the testimonials page for evidence of this philosophy. 

All work performed by Dender Remodeling & Construction (Contractor)’s own forces or by subcontractors under contract with the Contractor, and not altered in any way by any other person, contractor, subcontractor, or owner, the Contractor shall warrant that all materials and equipment included in such work will be new except where indicated otherwise in the Contract Documents, and that such work will be of good quality, free from improper workmanship and defective materials.  With respect to the same work, the Contractor further agrees to correct any work found by the Owner and reasonably agreed to by the Contractor to be defective in material and/or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the Date of this certificate. Materials and equipment included in the work covered by manufacturers’ warranties are specifically excluded from this Contractor’s warranty.  The inherent nature of wood to move, split, cup, warp, bow, shrink, check, and otherwise do wierd things will never be considered a defect.  The Contractor shall collect and deliver to the Owner any specific written warranties given by others. Consequential damages are specifically excluded from this warranty.  All corrective work shall be performed by or under the control of the Contractor.  Any and all corrective work, repairs, or alteration performed by others on Contractor’s work render this warranty null and void and relieve the Contractor of any and all liability.