Who We Are

Meet the Dender family.  We have a passion for home solution renovations, and are genuinely excited to complete remodeling kitchen design plans, kitchen remodeling programs and more.  Here’s some background that explains our passion for designing and building.

Randall E. Dender (Randy) 1956-2012

Randy started building things as a child and never stopped. Tree houses and secret forts developed into real houses and remodels. Randy and his wife Peggy bought their first house while Randy was earning his degree in architecture from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The house was originally built in 1936 and it needed a few things. The kitchen countertop was only 32 inches high and covered with old, sticky linoleum. Plates and dishes had to be pried loose if left too long. There were no drawers and no dishwasher. He removed the countertop, built a row of drawers and installed a new plastic laminate countertop, butcher block of course, it was 1977! And he installed a dishwasher. (“Best money I ever spent!”) His next door neighbor saw his work and hired him to do the same thing for her kitchen. And thus, Randy’s remodeling career had begun.

After a move to Brandon, Florida and years designing commercial and residential projects, he joined forces with a master contractor and opened a design-build company.   

Peggy J. Dender

Peggy and Randy were married in 1976. Peggy is the office administrator, bookkeeper, personnel manager, and check-writer.  Peggy earned her degree from Indiana Business College.  Over the years, she has survived countless home remodeling projects.  Many of the customer service techniques, and on-site cleanliness is a direct result of Peggy’s input.  Peggy enjoys her family, swimming, fishing, her dog, and crocheting. 


Ryan E. Dender

Earned his State Certified Building Contractor license in 2012. License number CBC1259098. 
As the eldest Dender son, Ryan definitely has remodeling in his genes.  He’s fostered a perfectionist’s attention to construction detail since he was 12 years old.  After earning his degree in business from the University of North Florida, Ryan returned as director of construction.  His duties include coordinating subcontractor work and growing the Tallahassee renovation business.  Ryan has completed Environmental Protection Agency training and we are an “EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm”.  The company ceritfication number is NAT-27404-1. He enjoys spending time with family, fishing, and his 1952 Chevrolet truck that he restored from the frame up.